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what i feel right now?upset a bit.

i learn something.lebih mudah pujuk hati sendiri dari pujuk hati orang lain.lebih mudah gembirakan hati sendiri dari gembirakan hati orang lain.

sebabnya.kau dah tahu hati kau bentuk apa.texturenya macam mana.jadi bila orang hiris2 hati kau,kau dengan kuatnya kutip serpihan2 gam balik dengan gam uhu.tak pun guna la gluegun nak lagi kuat.

tampal senyum palsu kat muka biar tak ada orang tahu hati dah punah ranah.hancur lebur.beberapa hari sebelum nie kau bangun tidur fikir salah apa yang kau buat.fikir celah mana lagi yang salah.apa lagi kata2 kau yang kurang enak didengar mungkin menyebabkan ada hati yang luka.fikir lagi.serius.dengan muka ketat.kusut.

tak jumpa.

ambil keputusan untuk tanya celah mana yang silap.tapi diabaikan.pujuk lagi hati.kuat ye.perlu kuat.mesti kuat biar tak senang2 orang nak pijak.

*sigh.rasa pathetic gila hidup.

the person

this is about a person who crossed his fate with mine.he turned 21 on march 28th 2010,last Sunday.such a blast birthday kan sampai kene baling2 tepung segala.happy belated birthday fate.ini adalah manusia yang paling aku ambil tahu hidup dia sampai hari2 aku stalk page dia.huhu.itu tanda aku sangat2 menjage tepi kain seluar dia.serius aku sangat kisah sama ini manusia.aku cakap tak nak buat entri ini buat dia.tapi disebabkan aku baik hati jadi aku menulis ini buat dia.hehe.

malas pule mahu update blog.kalau mahu lihat gambar sila ke sini.


dream guy

my dream guy in my dreamlalalaland.
he can dance.
he have small eyes yet sexy.
he have six packs.its the sign he work on.
he is gentleman.
he is polite.
he have killer smile.
he have sweet voice.when he whisper,he make you shiver.
he is cute.
he can play instrument:piano,viola,guitar.
he can sing.
he is romantic.
he is humorist yet hilarious.
he have good sense in fashion.
last but not least,he beautiful not handsome.
:) choi minho.yeaa.


happy birthday for my gorgeous sister.yanee.hoho.tua suda sis.have a blast birthday.may your days full of happiness.ini budak sangat gila.kalau dilayan pun akan sama2 happy for having you as my best best girlfriend.muaaahh3.ini kakak saya yang paling disayangi.sila suka dia.sila bagi dia hadiah boyfriend ye.yang baik hati.kachak lagi bergaya.tak pape kedana.sekian saje dari saye.


start suda study week.semua sedang bertungkus-lumus,berusehe keras,buku di mana-mana.di mana ada pelajar,di situ ada buku.bermukabuku jua perkara wajib.
good luck semua.all the best.:)


my lips is swollen.kene bola lagi.ibu jari kiri melecet yang sangat besar.rase pedih.thumbs up.lame tak turun training.clap3.padan muke diri sendiri.esok fitness test.saye mahu keluar berjalan-jalan.

hear me

thank you for making my heart really good in this dont you?i make a big mistake arent i?i will not make it wont ever hear about me anymore.thank you.really thank you.happy becoming birthday.may your days full of happiness.i had already apologize.and i say this again.sorry.really sorry.

im useless who cant even understand you.

come sing along

since i dont have any specific thing to write,i just pick any topic randomly,write it randomly,until you get bored from this blog and you leave because this page is really rubbish.

i feel something not like it used to be.i just wondering is that me who really care,or just that people wont feel interested anymore.

what if im stop sending any text then?what will happen?

maybe i am selfish thinking about myself.but sometimes im hurt just because i think too much about other people.

what will happen if i just go and never come back?

who become egoistic now?

i have trustworthy matter.

where is me?

people scared that i might be hurt,so why dont you just stop contact and leave?its not that hard since you already make it like you leave.

i do care.a lot.

which part of me that make you envy and snatch away my happiness?will you give it back now?

when will i hear your apologize?such a

i maybe still have a crush on my first love.but suddenly i realize something.that person not the one that i …


owh.aku rase balek perasaan 5 tahun yang lepas.bila orang perkecilkan ape yang aku suka.aku tak marah pun kalau kau2 tak suka dengan ape yang aku suka.tapi kan lebih bagus kalau kau cakap dengan cara yang lebih elok.kalau kau geli sekali pun tak perlu la kau beritahu.sebab tak patut pun.kan lebih elok kau cakap tak best.kurang minat.atau tak minat.aku mungkin ade tercakap kasar.tak fikir perasaan orang.tapi kau mungkin takperasan kau buat perkara yang same.bukan aku mara pun.nak cari gado pun bukan.cume nak tego.mungkin care aku salah.tapi bila kau marah sangat aku tak paham.tapi serius aku cuba jage hati kau.aku jawab juge ape2 yang kau tanya.sebab aku tak mahu kau berkecil hati.
kalau kau sendiri tak hormat ape yang orang suka,jadi jangan marah la kalau orang buat yang sama kan.aku tahan selagi boleh.minta maaf banyak2.tapi aku memang tak boleh terima cara kau.kau mungkin nak jujur.tak salah nak jujur.tapi terlalu jujur pun tak bagus.sebab berkaitan dengan hati orang.perempuan memang…

unbelievable yet heaven

yesterday was heaven.i got to eat 2 of my crave's food list.the pizza and mihun sup.heaven3.the pizza treat by English group mate.thanks nasz for fulfill 1 of my crave's food list. unbelievable.while nasz treat us Hawaiian chicken pizza,i treat them ice cream.we were talking laughing because last night is the last time we become a group mate.the last time we do discussion together.actually the whole thing is fun with them.thanks to them because we get through this subject successfully even we know that miss couldwould really like-a-bit-heartless lecture.its torture to finish all the tasks.
so let the pics do the talk:

nocha: the hardworking 1 yanyan: the assistant harith: the rowing man nasz: the talkative 1 the pizza.
im really full last night.grateful for having a good meal for dinner.i ate too much lately.but im happy.i am trying to gain some weight.:)


its raining.the whole day.its cold but at the same time im hungry.i need food.i am start to crave a lot of food.more food.more and more food.and lately i am fond to food more and more than usual.i am not an eating person.i eat when i feel i want to eat.sometimes i just let myself starve to death because i dont have any feeling to eat.weird isnt it?its normal to how you define normal then?
right now i crave this: ikan kelimihun supmaggi gorengcool blogmee rebus mamapizzamcDcheezy wedgesjelly beanssoy milkjacker cheese(baru abis pagi tadi)toblerone (pun same baru abis pagi tadi)sushisup ayamsup2 and more supmaggi karibistik beef(drooling) i want to back home.wuuu.there is a ton of works.i need to settle all of it before study week.think positive.i can made can.yeaaa!!!!
now i can smile.hihi.


suka paramore. beli galaxie semata-mata ade poster paramore. alasan semata-mata. tapi masih lagi suka.
suka sushi. even perut nak explode pun. masih lagi beli. masih suka.
suka toblerone. walaupun kurang bajet. masih lagi membeli. masih suka.
suka taip. walaupun sampah segala. masih lagi menaip. dan masih suka.
suka buang masa. walaupun tak berfaedah. masih lagi membuang. masih lagi suka.

smile again

last 2 days i was felt like i am dying by choking my own breath.its hard to breath heart is ache.its torture.i will try my best to not say something that will hurt you.last night when you text me back.when you pull out all your anger toward me.i feel relieve.the burden is thing i know.i need like a drug to me.make me addicted.i feel so grateful when you say 342. thank you for giving me a open up my eyes to see my fault clearly.thank you.


feel a bit empty.a hole in the heart.distracted own self by its failed.brain is full about fate.own self fault anyway.should say something or should not?owh.remember something.fate said fate not even care that own self leave.sounds mad.cant turn back time.cant avoid it.and also cant enjoy it.being own self back.alone.wish fate will happy.

own self miss fate.sigh.lets face this.

my bad

im sorry for laughing at you while you so depressed about your bad.but actually i am trying to cheer you just turn to be wrong at the end.i just dont know what to say to you when you get sorry.really sorry.i think i am no good to you.i cant soothe you when you sad,you mad,you depressed.i cant even make you happy.too much weakness.

i hope your love is always happy

although you and i have parted. it must be that our destiny didn't meet. i hope you'll meet someone nice. since you're really good person. no matter who you're with. since you were too good for me. i hope a love that's worthy of you will find you. do you know you're beautiful when you smile. i may occasionally cry because i miss you. but i hope you'll always smile. i hope you'll always happy.

what should i do?

he captures my heart. :)

what should i put for the title?

its been a year.within this year, i think i barely know you rarely show how you know i am sucks in guessing people's feeling especially you. every time i guess.i know it will turn out wrong.your silent make me always ask me am i handsome to you?actually i dont have the answer.i cant answer your question.and when i tell you the answer, i know you feel upset.its not a good answer from me.the reason i said so is because i have blind eyes which i cant see how good looking are you.but i have clear heart to see how good are you to me.i feel compatible with you when worlds know we are opposite in everything.
you asked me to write about you.but i dont know where to start.i dont know how to describe about you.i feel touched the first time you make a promise.that time my tears streaming down my face.until now you still keep your promise.i never feel comfort to talk about my life to other guy.and you are the first guy i ever comfort came at the right tim…


sekarang rase sangat penat.tadi pegi jusco jalan2 cari kasut.naahhhh~tiada yang berkenan.tengok jam sudah pukul i decide lets go to city square.keluar jusco tunggu dekat bus stop sambil kire2 duit yang ade dalam beg and purse.cukup tak.jenguk2 dalam purse wujud tak duit rm1 nak naik bus.buka zip dan jenguk lagi wujud tak duit syiling.ok.puas hati sebab cukup untuk tambang bus.
tunggu bus tak juga muncul.panas.nasib baik ade air tak membazir duit beli air.sambil tunggu bus makan choki2.perut meragam sebab lapar.ignore.orang semakin ramai tunggu dekat bus keadaan semakin sesak dan panas.pandangan dihalang oleh aunty double spec dengan payung biru yang tak sudah2 bercakap.semacam banyak gosip yang dikatakan.tengok jam sudah pukul 3.kire2 kalau pegi cs mase yang diambil selame setangah jam untuk sampai ke destinasi.tengok2 bus sudah sampai dan semua orang berebut naik bus.cepat2 selit bayar tambang.usha2 seat.duduk belakang driver dan mula pengembaraan dal…

best ever people who made up my days

i do have these people who lighten up my pitiful,pathetic,miserable days.not much.just a few people that i really miss during this past few days.wondering when i can meet them again since everyone is busy with studying,playing and so on.i really miss them.thought that i want turn back time when im gather with to them.joke around with till drop with them.accompany me when im miserable.listen to every detail i said.wasting time gossiping with each other.miss that part.miss the part when im not even feel alone for a second because my days was full with them.their laughter.their jokes.their critics.their advice.their caring.its true sharing is caring them for most.they are the cool ever people alive.seeing them so healthy so happy its enough for me.even we are not really contact each other for past 2 years before.its fun when talking with not even remember my problems.its peaceful.what i am thinking is i dontwant to lose them.precious people i…


perkara sampah.sila beredar.sebab tak penting untuk kau baca.terima kasih.harap maklum.

yes.internet utm sucksssssssss.death.tidak boleh update same sekali.makanan tidak dapat dijenguk suda.jadi menghabiskan mase menonton movie yang awalnya kelakar sampai air mate keluar sebab ketawa yang melampau dan diakhiri dengan air mata juga sebab sangat sedih.aihh~movie sekarang suka main dengan emosi aku yang sememangnya tidak penah stabil.owh3.semua movie yang aku tengok movie korea.semangat korea aku kuat pula secare tibe2.

bila terlampau bosan aku main rock band tue mellowchoco sebab pinjam kan aku psp kau.sungguh mengisi mase lapang.tidak sedar ka hari2 peperiksaan bakal menjelang.semangat kene kuat.bangun pagi dengan rase rajin itu perlu.sem nie rase sangat teruk.rase macam hari2 sangat malas.mahu beli sneakers merah.masih dalam pertimbangan.

aku memang suka taip mengikut kepala otak aku.mahu cerita sesuatu dan melencong tak pulang ke jalan kebenaran.aku rase ade sedikit pro…