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hari ini stuck lagi di lab.yeaaaaa.masih untuk 3 minggu lamanye.terasa macam betol2 bekerja.pukul 8 pagi sampai 5 petang.balik macam nak terbongkang.tak nak fikir ape2.mahu tido sampai esok pagi.bangun kerja balik dan terbongkang lagi.
she said that.he also said that.i am selfish.i guess i am.i feel empty.i feel nothing.i ignore thing.i run away from everything.because i feel too hurt i cant see what is right in front of me.and end up hurting people around me.people who love me.
i wish i can forget everything that hurt me.i wish i wont go through this phase again.i wish i can happy again.i wish i can erase my memory.
i am no mood to study at all.tomorrow is my last paper.i should eager to study because it is last day.yayy.but NOT.dont feel anything at all mean tomorrow there will be an empty space in my booklet.whether i cant answer the question,or i know the answer but its not in my head anymore.lets pray i can answer all the question tomorrow.i should have more spirit.its last day of hell weeks.
i go through the past year questions and i dont know the answer.its like i am not learn anything for this whole semester.what the hayche.i must work more.go me!
in few hours i will facing my third killer paper.good luck to not done memorizing everything.and i wish my brain can work properly.thanks God.i can sleep soundly for 5hours last night.and i start studying from 3am until now.clap3 for my own self.i think i answer the question which i know the answer confidently,or maybe half of it at least.
poor me.i dnt have any confident for this paper.i am doing my very best. lets pray.
hey its my 230th entry.
ok.its lame.i am studying digital image processing 2.and it turns out bored and instead im watching the big bang theory introduced by fizzati ismail and also puffy eyes are doing great.and not so puffy this morning.i should finish up my notes tht i can read it the next day.but if my progress is like this i dont thing i can ever finish it up on time.
my conclusion.lets read whatever i can.and answer whatever i know. the rest should kiv for the next time. thts all. lets continue.
tak larat nak teruskan. fullstop. tired.
i awoke this morning and suddenly realize no electric. gosshhhh,how am i suppose to study then. so i continue sleep. what a good dream i had. i opened my eyes again. nahhh,electric is back again. yayyneesss. lets go thru all the timeline,blogwalking,fb-ing,youtube-ing. im freaking in love with beast 4th mini album. lights go on again. each song is fantastic.soothing. *wide smile. i am peacefully study micro right now. looks like micro will give me much fun today. so toodles.
hello satellite system, soalan 5 anda sangat killer okay. but now dont want to think much. 3 more to go bebeh. i will off to kedah this holiday. hoyeaaaa!!!

hello, tomorrow is my 1st paper. good luck to all. all the best.
what am i doing rite now?.im studying but at the same time im blogwalking,singing,watching movie.
so multitasking. bye for now.
testing 1,2,3 yayynesss.suda download emoticon kucing comel.
credit to: kao-ani

i am being sensitive when they talk about them i hate the topic but i cant avoid it at the same time i want to ignore it but it is an important thing maybe i should pretend i have nothing to do with it bear with it you are a part of this full stop
now i know your name red headed. noori?LMAO
i may not depending on you but it doesnt mean i dont need you just stay there, here beside me would be enough for me after all i feel secured