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hello sunday!hello people.
i hoping everyone have their blast for today.because sunday is family day.i miss my home right now.because too much works, i cant back home hugging my mom.what did i do at the time like this?usually,i'm helping my mom at kitchen, washing dishes, cooking, preparing for lunch, chatting, my mom to market.there is a time where we both talking about serious matter.heart to heart about what is happen around my world. when i guess i can solve everything by myself, that is time my mom will ask if anything happened to me.
i feel weak each time she ask me a question.the last time i cried was in 2009.i had mental break down.that was the time im fully changed into someone else.someone i never knew that time,i want someone to lend me their shoulder where i could cry on,i cant depend on my mom all the time.even i'm acting like nothing happened,like iam tough,like i can handle thing wisely but then i always wronged in deciding what action af…
ola people,
its been awhile posting something here.hihi.well life is great with a series of stressing out part,frustrated,fatigue-ness,dan sewaktu dengannya.i mean right now to finish up my 6th sem is really...aihh can not have a word to describe it before im stepping into my final year.huaaaaaa.i will graduating is so scary but the world still revolve and i need to move forward.quickly.faster.chasing everything.
i am not having this teenage-day-dillema anymore.who should i choose.who i shouldnt.and the great news for this past 2 weeks is i lost my flippyflop hand phone and suddenly,unfortunately a long lost scandal add me up at facebook.i am shocked.because i am wondering what the hell is going on and why he add me so suddenly?i approved even there are so many questions in my head.and no one can answer or slightly give a hint to my questions.
the thing is malas nak kisah sebab menyebab tambah menambah i let it slide away.tapi bila tengok status,mengungkit hal lepas then …
the truth is i just dont care how you live your life.status yang begitu memang tak diperlukan langsung. noktah!
its raining outside.cold.i am watching we got married variety iam doing so good until i dont know what my feeling is.nak kata happy,rasa biase.nak kata sedih,there's no reason to be sad.kecewa?jauh sekali.macam tak ade perkara yg anticipating.haaa.well i guess you can said my life is dull and boring.
happy thursday.i will ramble again next time.
happy friday people!
bad guy memang best.sebab dua2 laki pun merupakan laki jae wook saya sangat segak.tak dapat tengok ending.berharap moon jae in end up dengan gyun wook(?).eh lupe name.tapi episod 12 mendebarkan.dan membencikan.(T_____T)
pulang3.pulang ke rumah goyang kaki.
happy sunday people.
ok semalam ada art fest.well i thought it is a great event since its related to the name of art.the most i am anticipate is the art market.tapi bila sampai,rasa hampa menguasai diri sendiri.dengan 11 booth yang kurang memberangsangkan.should be event macam nie mesti meriah.sangat2 meriah.apa lagi la yang boleh menarik perhatian student selain barang2 gorgeous yang dipamerkan untuk dibeli.kalau tak de barang gorgeous mane la selera orang nak datang.gig was awesome.tapi bukan semua suke layan gig kan.band2 yang perform mesti rasa kecewa yang amat tengok crowd sendiri.crowd yang datang pun boleh dibilang dengan jari.mesti da taknak perform lagi dekat sini.
tapi mengharap masih ada event macam nie bila dah final year.nanti bila dah kerja belum tentu dapat tengok gig lagi.walaupun agak hampa dengan booth yang tak berapa banyak,tapi masih ada yang menggembirakan.i bought watercolour painting.3 for rm30.but im satisfied.the painter was really happy because we bought his pa…