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my life is stumble ups and downs.i fell and i stand up again.this past few days, i laughing like there's no other day.i enjoying myself too much.and i know,i will end up crying.the question is when.thanks to my buddies.they already made my day.maybe i am no one to them,but they are someone to me.
i might be a lil bit hurt when they mocking about how lonely i am without a friend.but no hard feeling,its just a true fact.i already dealt with it.its true i have a few friends and you can count with your fingers.with few friends i learned how to cherish, and be grateful to what I've got.
lucky me,i have mom as a good friend of mine.even people leave me,hate me,i still have mom to be smile with.for the people who stay beside me, i might show you the harsh,cold blooded side of me.but i want you to know,deep down inside me you are the bear with me.i will love you back.
peace be upon you people.happy thursday morning.baru pulang dari berjimba bersama adlie dan eiki.lame dah tak berborak,bergelak sakan,mengutuk tak ingat dunia.the last time we have been together was 3 years ago.talking about everything.i already miss them.sob3.waiting another chance to meet again.i dont have many friends.and i never care about that.what i have now is just awesome and i cherish every moment.every people in my life.for me they are precious.precious like zint's comic. :D and now,its time to sleep.toddle people.
when im not comfortable with someone, i tend to talk less.i cant say anything that's linger in my head.i like to handle my mess end up deciding wrong thing.and upset again.

im in peace which i could say i dont have to think about 'others'.i dont have this heart ache.i can laugh the way i want.i can talk to my friend freely.

when i tell people whats linger in my head, its meant that i want them to give their opinion.and then i decide wht best for me and others.

i dont like argument.usually i just shut my mouth and tend to ignore all those argument.unless i need to settle things that force me to involve in this argument.

i am social not interested in knowing people's one interest me right be polite i ask a few.but if i ask too much,meant that i care.

i dont know why i have 200++ friends in facebook.but only a few of them that i really connect.maybe because i consider them as someone that i know from somewhere.should i filter them?

its raining friday!

peace be upon you people.

i love the sky after the rain.the smell of in love with nature.i always dream to have a simple house in the center of flowers garden.a white done my works.but i had this feeling.unsatisfied.i have been silent for almost 3 days.and yet i dont have a heart to ever contact.owh i should change my url, but i dont want to act cowardly.i miss my mom.i need home.feel suffocate in my own room.too lonely.this is nothing to do with 'friend'.even with this 'friend' i still feel not hoping anything, i go with the flow.the last time i was hoping too much,excited about anything was one and a half year ago.after that i dont feel anything because my heart already shattered,and it froze like the way it shattered.the only thing i do is i stand still.

i rarely say something straight forward, and i always say something with a deeper you never understand unless you have the same soul as mine.but usually you not…
peace be upon you.

hello sunny thursday.

i am alone again in my pray to God for making my days easiest.making myself understand every word i read.making myself remember all the important keywords.praying for all of you have a blast and happiness today and always.

toddle people.
hello gloomy monday.

lama betul tak update.i failed for both part.failed because i made big mistakes.but never mind im not thinking too much, its just my mood keep my tears to fall again and again.well there's must be a good thing happen after the rain.when i failed at the first part,im still eyes start blurry when i got a phone call from mom.then im became sensitive.huaaaa.i need to pack my things.i need home.i keep telling myself,i have tons of work there is no way i can back home.right now i just want forget everything even my internship for awhile.i pray that they will accept my tired to find a new place.setakat ini rezeki tidak menyebelahi saya.maka saya perlu menabahkan diri.kena kuat lagi.Tuhan minta saya bersabar buat masa ini.jadi hati tolong sabar.

toddle people.
hey its friday!helo people!

keep hello-ing people even though i know no one read my post. :D i dont really care.i love talking to myself.if being caught, people might think i am really out of my head.if all works can be done by thinking about them in my head,i will do it every easy life is.

sometimes when i post something here,indirectly i describing myself.only thoughtful people will sense it.whats the point saying you reading my post but you dont even get the slightest hint from there.or maybe you should learn about yourself before you learn about others.

have i ever tell you,a woman can forgive easily but they wont easily forget every thing that happened to them.i learned a lot from my first i put up a lot of effort just to make myself smile again.i took 3 years to be happy completely.i promised to myself i wont hurt people floating in the air for the second time.i think im still dreaming until i fell from high place where my heart broken into pieces a…
happy tuesday,

raining outside and i sitting in the dark listening to 8eight dont worry be happy while reading the article about SAR calibration and bla3.i feel bored and now im back from watching scream of the ghost and its sucksssss!!wasted my precious rm10.the story just pointless and end up confused what had happened slept while watching this pointless movie.i should watching hop.aiyaaaa.

talking about maturity with adila.i dont feel like im matured enough.there's still childish part in me.people said when you can control your emotion and desire,that is what they call that true?im wondering.

apa lagi yang boleh dikategori sebagai matang?
helo monday!
i spend my weekend searching for articles.a lot of articles until you feel nauseous to read each article.i send my last confession today.i feel relief,feel like all the burden have gone completely.i have problem with my serabut!
tons of work and you rushing,chasing the time to complete all eyes are blurry.i dont like to wear the same time malas nak check mata.kena lebih kan sayuran lepas nie.