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"what a weekend talking to girlfriends"
"sometimes stranger like our family,
but never been better than real family"
"the song smile by avril is like it made for me to YOU.
YOU know who YOU are.
"life without memory is empty. lets make one because life is too short to be wasted."
"when you late,there must be a thing that you forget to bring along.
"i see how foolish people are,
when it comes to power and money
until they blind to see the love in front of them.
what can i say,pathetic."
"i tend to forget people who are not interesting to me.
since people also do the same thing.
lucky you,im still remember."
"i feel nausea after staring at the screen for more than 3hours.
editing the attributes and bla3."
"you might think that you are the only one that sooo unfortunate.
but you never realize out of your world
there are many people who are more unfortunate than you.
be grateful."
second day intern

today is jeans day.boleh pakai jeans dan tee ke pejabat.huyeaaa.first time makan bersama senior,i feel a bit awkward.but never mind.dan hari ini sv belum pulang dari vacation.maka tiada lagi kerja.mana la tahu selepas pulang dari melancong segunung kerja dia bagi.jadi perlu sedia mental dan fizikal.*update*bila makan sama2 i guess mereka memang serius sempoi.dan rasa sedikit selesa dengan keadaan sekarang.this is what you said a rainbow after the rain.a good thing happened and i am so3 grateful for that.

first day intern

disebabkan masalah2 yang tidak dapat dielakkan maka saya memulakan praktikal sedkit lambat dari rakan2 yang lain.this small company is really like a small family.every one seems so good to one another.just i am a bit curious the way they work.they tend to show me how freedom and carefree they are.they play when no one's around.they be like a good kid when the boss around.i feel like they are funny people.they behave so good when the boss come and ob…
"i've been observed you lately.
you like copying people.
should i call you photostat machine?"
"start a new chapter,new things,new friends,new experiences.
everything is new."
"meet a new friend called lala.
"life is like a graph.
there is ups and downs.
that is what you called fun."
"i keep feeling upset this past few days.
cheer up!i can do this."
"when talking about surprises,
it really gives a HUGE disappointment.
"tiada apa yang lebih membahagiakan
selain bed time story dengan adik sendiri di balkoni."
i am getting addicted to jay park song tonight.when you listen to it, the beat make you want to dance.flutter your heart.high up your happy mood.that's what i feel while reading remember me by pike.its an old book.but the starting is really attractive.its make me curious to know more and is like a holiday before im starting off my internship.

talking about internship,i am sooo nervous that my heart would explode,my stomach full of butterflies and i cant even think straight.because i have small figure,kebarangkalian untuk dibuli itu tinggi.and my knowledge about software is not soo good.i wonder what it will be like working under someone.and "good news" is i am alone.*scream*

what's make me more intense is about what things i shall bring with me.what and what.i dont really know hows the place is sooo new to me.i might be lost to somewhere else.this time i am really independent.far from my mom.and the first time i feel scared by myself. :(

i dont know why…
"i might be bad as your girlfriend
but i can be a good friend in listening your story
so have a faith on me"

i was crying so hard yesterday.and i wonder what is the good thing will happen.guess today is a great day for me when i get a confirmation about my internship.i am so grateful and i wish i could celebrate this with my buddies.i already called mom.i am happy.
i learned so much brother keep scold me for being such a dumb.yeah i know i am dumb when i cant even balanced both things.i felt protected when his girlfriend fight for me.i felt loved.muahaha.the way he teach me,i know deep down inside him,he want me to be good in what i learned.he doesnt want to spoil me for being nice.i get used to it since i've been raised in sarcasm not in compliment.i never get compliment by any of my family.
i feel a bit upset with my father.i guess thats what he is.i should have known before i asked about it.anyway i dont want to spoil my happiness for one word i could describe for today is relief.fuhhhh~