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"both love and friendship are important. but i guess its hard for me to be fair for both."
"i hate walking in the rain and when a car came by,
woooshhhh.half of my pants is drenched.
nice.thank you.
im feel lucky enough this morning. (_ _")"
"i cant decide something and i feel restless."
"it scares me when i sleep too soundly,
i will not awake in the morning."
"i actually missing my whole family."
"its been good hearing my father is doing well. *pray hard* (_ _) "
"for the most beloved person in the world,my world, have a blast birthday. mama"
"you are like a bag love.
once i adore you,i will stay with you.
like always."
"dear daddy,
i pray for your good health and get well soon."
"you're still my number 1"
"a cute guy i saw among them.
simply cute and i guess he is quite shy."
"im waiting for the time
when you give up on me."
"you and me,both of us are not the way we used to be.
we both not a good friend nor a just friend.
dont ask me why the reason im not contacting you,S.
you should realize,you already stabbed me twice."
"which woman does not adore
a man with thoughtful character?"
"there's something about him that attract me,
but he is just too far to reach."
"to achieve one thing,
you need sacrifice something."
"i used to like you.
a lot and i dreamed about you every night.
now i wonder what did i see in you.
who says i cant forget you and will never be?
i the one who lose.
"the black heart full of hatred and revenge.
it wont lead you to peaceful nor happy life."
"we are afraid that people might forgetting us
after we leave this cruel world.
will you remember me?"
"what if i choose that choice,
will it be like this?"
"fate is so unpredictable.
we plan it like that.
at the end it twisted like that."
"through hardships you gain a strength
to face the world
to appreciate the happiness
with a wide smile"