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"keep listening to this song, dont want an ending by sam tsui. when i dedicate a song to people,thats the way i expressing my feeling. but this person sometimes wont understand this habit of mine."
"when it comes to feeling,it means complicated. you already gave up,but your heart wont let it go. you stay but you feel misery."
"will leaving this place soon. and i'll be missing them. countless memories and i'll be cherished them, one by one."
"i miss one person. a very straightforward person. she would never know bout this. like the way she said grew to love them and hate them back."
"fate works in mysterious ways. (the promise)"
"i have a lot of dreams. but never one of them have been pursued seriously.i MUST pursue one of them. even not all."
"i know my heart will beat fast. those eyes that i miss the most. if God's will we'll meet again. face to face. eye to eye."
"i am so pathetic when it comes to love."
"i confessed and i relieved, its all that i bottled up everything since the day it revealed. and the decision is in your hand. i need my happiness back!"
"i'll never get it when i dreamed too much, but it will suddenly come and cheer me up, when im not expected much."
"hurt and upset too much, its cold the heart and freeze the feeling. asking yourself whats wrong with you."
"im planning my time,not my future, because i dont know whats future brings for me."
"happy birthday long lost boyfriend"
"im once being immatures. who doesnt? but right now i feel like im not really mature enough. when people asking me about the future, what can i say i just go with the flow."
"i can be cruel,cold,mean,rude,harsh, anytime,any can choose when. no exception with gender."
"i need more smile to hide my pains.and daddy, please get well soon.we all here pray for you."
"mister you are too creepy
that makes me stay away from you."
"handle with care. its so fragile"
"its nice being young, but its no more nice each time i need to pull out my ic as evidence that i am more than 18 years old."