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"i found another great escape. find me if you can. :P "
"a nightmare when you keep thinking the same thing."
"this is the time when you need to pray hard. hard than before."
i've been forgetting my best friend is graduating this weekend. bleerrgghhh so much stuff in my head cannot remember well what is what. anisah alias, najah jamal, happy graduating! i have 1 more year and will be graduating soon. :)
I am so mad yesterday after called my sister,knew how the doctors and the nurses treated my is so unfair.they treated him like he will die a few more the bacteria inside his body will harm them as soon as they touched him without protection.God has His words by saying every live thing will die.THAT is for SURE.i saw how irresponsible the nurses these days.they do not work with heart.treat patient badly.
this is so upsetting. :(
what you expect your life would be?
me?nothing much other than see my happy family,
on my wedding day,when my first baby born.
i want them to be always beside me.
this is just a daydreaming which i can tell it wont be reality.
but i pray,everyday.
it will be and i wait for that day to come.
"dont expect high on someone. it might crash you down, when is not like what you expected."
berfikir sambil berjalan. apa yang ayah buat sekarang nie? while looking at him, i imagine what's will happen in my life ahead without him. sadness come through me. telling myself to be strong.must be strong enough. ayah,please get well soon.
i saw how carelessly the nurses treat my father. how dare they. they are showing how insincere themselves towards their work. i hope they would burn in hell. but as a human that cant escape from doing mistake. i should forgive them. but this whole memories would be always in my mind. i tell you,you sucks at your job. i guess you should prepare to repent yourself if anything happens to my father.
"will turned 22 in few hours. adding a year to age make the death become short to us."
my father have been quarantined again because of blood infection. and will coming open house is a bit dull without him. but for any people who read this,yes you and you and you, please pray for my father to get well soon. thank you. :D
i've been watching scent of a woman.
and keep shouting chomel2 like crazy.
aiihhh should keep a copy of this drama.
who has a copy of this drama put up your hand,please?

"i guess i know when i can surf in peace.
early in the morning.yeaahhh
"at last i saw you. at first i thought i still have those feelings. after i calm down, i realize its just a fling. nice meeting you anyway. : )"