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"you took my love and killed it"
"i need a perfect get away."
i guess you dont understand at all what i am facing right now.the whole truth and you dare to say im whining?i never whining when it comes to serious matter.lets conclude this, you just dont understand what i need and what my problem is.dont accused me by saying randomly for something that you dont really know a tiny bit of i never pray hard to God,like im always whining,like i never been grateful in my life.those sarcasm i dont really need to hear right now.if you want to sooth me there are a lot of ways.these sarcasm,just hurt me even more.thank you anyway because you just make me realize something.
at least respect my silence.i am really upset for the people who said "yeah like you're the one who have problem and others just leisurely laughing with the world".i walked in the rain today.just want a little piece of happiness by doing so.but those words lingering in my head and it wont out like i want it.i wish he wouldnt said those words.just because you dont put yourself in my shoes doesnt mean you can casually said "why dont you smile, and happy so that your heart will feel a little peace".by words it is really easy to say.just put yourself in my shoes,i dont think you will say those words.

gloomy thats what i feel right now.i wish for you to stay away from me.
"i found myself crying while walking back to my room."
"im hiding everything just because i dont want anyone see the scar that i had."
"there is no more a perfect get away for me. and what ever i posted become questionable."
"life is simple but not that easy.
you need to pull out your strength to face everything.
i learned to live my life in a hard way.
but still i feel weak.
i guess i have reached my limit."
"satu lagi ujian besar. saya harap saya cukup kuat. saya harap saya tak menangis seorang diri. saya harap saya masih mampu tersenyum. saya harap semuanya akan pulih seperti biasa. saya harap saya boleh bersabar untuk masa yang panjang. saya berdoa Tuhan kuatkan iman saya. sebab sekarang saya rasa sangat tak kuat."
amanda seyfried?she is gorgeous and i adored her eyes.always have.that blue eyes.and yeah her hair like golden hair.i had watched letter to juliet and fall in love with the movie.the movie showed how easy for a person to break up with someone they once loved.tell you the truth is not even easy like alphabet.its more way complicated than calculus.its about feeling, emotion.unless you are heartless or less emotion you can ignore people feeling just like that.snap 1 2 3.well before breaking up with someone, i cried my heart out first, i think thoroughly.and guess what, its hard.seriously hard are considering a lot of things.hurting somebody is like you hurting your own heart,your own soul.and yeah its torture.
people advice love someone who love you no matter who you are.what if there are two people who love you like that?what should you do? need to choose to move forward. that's life people.cannot avoid from being of the choices will affect your lif…
"i always believe in my instinct. no matter what."
"meet new room mate. ana. say hi. :)"
i met my father last night. he is skinny. and i realize how old my father is. his skin is dried. well i'll buy a lotion for him to use. i feel i gain my strength back looking at his smile-face. i miss those smile.
hows your morning today? it is cold here. i actually miss my parents. called my mom and she said my father is getting better. fuhhh,thanks God you fulfill my prayer. and thanks to all of you who has been prayed for my father. really appreciate that. i need to finish up my report. everything. gtg.
i always watching your back. there's nothing i can do about it. i care but im not love you. i dont have enough courage to say hi, to smile at you. when we met face to face. the situation was too awkward for me to do what i want to do. i saw your hoping face. hope that i could talk to you. like nothings happened between us. i should feel lucky i received too many love. but too many will lead you to greed. greedy for love. and it turns out pitiful. pathetic love.
"dear stefan, dont leave elena,please."

from me the obsess fan. :)
"i've been dreamed about you last night. you came,grab and hold my hand tightly. i saw your happy face,im smiling but at the same time tears streaming down my face. did you think of me?"
"calm yourself
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