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"when you care too much, it will lead to love. seriously.prove me wrong then."
"you need to learn how to sooth a girl when they are mad, sad, sulking. you're totally clueless."
"what can i do for my own life?"
first impression about me,yeah snobby rarely smiling to stranger.i like avoid eye contact but i love observe people from far like a stalker.when my mind is empty i tend to keep my silence longer,and thats the reason people around me worried i'll be having mental disorder in any second.the serious face i showed make people really scared of me.especially opposite gender.they never tease me,just because they saw my serious face.well,im so glad they're not teasing me.i already social retarded and socializing with 'certain' new person is a hard task to not good making a bond with stranger. -__-"
should i say yesterday was a happy day?i've got my simple-but-nice purse,im stuffing myself with good food,im bought two pairs of pants and i've got the idea how to use my wasted-money-bundle tee wisely.heh.and most important thing i have this one creature who accompanied me for one evening,listening to my whining,watching me eat like a mons…
i always dreaming to own a rooftop of my dream house.i dont want a big wide house.i just want a comfy house that makes me feel home and there any rooftop house in malaysia?i dont think so because rooftop house not a culture in have a very simple house for my own self.dreaming is good for your imagination but it is harder to make it reality.happy holiday!
"just get out of my head. i want avoid this greediness. its slowly,deeply,softly killing me inside."
"i just dont care. do what you want to do. and this is win-win situation."
"i need to be back to my old self. flirting with stranger. :)"