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i already damaged. and this thing not gonna easily fixed. happy new year. im leading a single life for 2012. :)
"is it going to be worth it in the long run?"
i wish i could avoid hurting anybody,everyone thats love me.but sometimes i couldnt hiding my feeling from doing so.i wish i could love them more.more than anything.i wish i could make everyone in my life happy as they were before.i wish they do not involved in my pathetic life.i wish i wont make them upset just because i could not fulfilled their wishful thinking.
i wish there's someone that could make me share everything outside and inside me.i could blurt out without thinking much about it and know how to put a smile on my face.yeah i just want someone.but can i do the same thing to them?thats my weakness i cant, unless im in love.and unfortunately, right now.i just not.
"i know what i really feel. and its not .......E at all. why?"
"i gonna die envied about them. they just too cute for each other. *daydreaming*"
spot me. syaida shukor expression. epic!
"when you start worried and feel anxious, could it be you're in love?"
- someone

"when the sun came up and reality set in, you realize you're dreaming" -elena
"....this is" -stefan
"im tired"
"i need to work harder than before. this final year just killed me slowly. i felt tortured. *exhale*"
"i actually afraid in pursuing what my heart really want. that's why i never told to anyone,what it is. i wish i could say it out loud on it face. "
i am now walking at the wrong path.that is mean at the end of the road, there will be a good thing waiting for me?no?should i fix my direction then?
last night i was dreamed about F desperately told me that she is giving up about A and gave me a pen saying that was our valuable thing. whathehayche. it is obviously not our thing together. the only thing that connecting us is only one thing. the "tie".
but i do not know where the hell i put that "tie" again. cannot even recalled the last time i saw that "tie". it is the sign that i forgetting every thing? there's no sweet thing left between us. the truth is i am the only one who keep chasing the shadow, but he disappeared when the light is no longer there.
i am not a dating type and never get used to it. my face show it well when im get bored. cannot even hide it. feel sorry for those who im date with.
"happy birthday long lost scandal"

" are sympathetic to the problems of others and are practical in helping solve them,something not always achievable in their own lives (Zodiacfact, 2011)"

this is always happened to me. my nature helping people solving their problem even they dont even listen any of my words. some of the solution might be work to others people life but mine? it will be wasted because none of the solution can even solved my own problem and if i insist in applying to myself, the problem just getting worse. true virgo! (_ _")
"someday people will forgetting your name slowly. the only people who remember your name is the people who affected by your existence."
"once i attached to them,i'll attached forever. once i lose them,i'll lose them forever."
"God forbid me to feel that way again. once in a lifetime. be grateful."