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"I know how hard you've tried Trying to keep this alive But you can’t do it anymore You gotta let it go So I think it’s time To let this die"
brian, let this die (2012)
"i dont want any memories, when at the end i will lose it all" - natsuki
"but the only precious gift i can give only the memories. you and me" - shouta

days with you, 2009
"the dead shall open the eyes of the living. the heart yearning for the past is unattainable. the heart yearning for the present is unattainable. the heart yearning for the future is unattainable. the future becomes the present. the present becomes the past. seek not the heart that connects the three. what is unattainable speaks not of what can be pursued. "

loveable, reign of assassin
"im valued every friendship i have. when each of them have been snatched away, i almost cant forgive, but i grow up to learn a lesson. that forgiveness give a peace of heart."
"seek every hidden happiness. collect the smallest of joys. each of these is precious as a piece of pure gold."

pai-ling, the concubine's daughter(2009)
"to E and A. farewell for both of you. may you bless with happiness"
"you are... my hope."

himetachi no sengoku,2011
"i really had a hard time choosing which book shall i read."
"the more you useless, the more i love"

love keeps going,2011
"in one moment, i fancied, i adored, i liked, i cared, i talked, i stalked, i missed, and lastly i loved. but in one moment im upset too much. im lost. "
"my life right now in one word. wonderful. :)"
"what more can i say. a great day with my great best friend! much love :)"

"relief. everything is settling down"
i guess i miss my times here.hello!
"good bye my lovely blog. i'll leaving you soon. this is where my ups and down written but its no more safe for me."
"beautiful dress with white flowers in the forest"

breaking dawn
"sincerity is feel with heart, not to show nor mention to the world."
"in my eyes......i dont see you"
lie to me
"good bye doesnt mean its end everything. its just a start of a good thing. dont look bad to every good bye. you never know whats beyond of it."
im missing the know what i meant?the feeling when you feel giddy, you excited about everything, you keep watching love story and implement to real life.haha but whats funny when you are in love, you smile like a fool, you feel cute when others say laugh at everything thats not funny.your brain have a large space for loved dream about them every night.everything remind you about them.every little tiny feel weak but at the same time you feel list out everything you want to do with title "things i want to do with loved one".
haha when i write all above, i feel gross.owh menn thats so bulls.people will say im not being grateful enough, but you do not know the story behind all of dont assumed, when you assumed it will lead you to judgement and after that you jump into conclusion.nahh there's go your first impression.
being simple minded is way better.because you're not think too much. :)
"recently i saw a star with same position, same brightness, sparkling every night. and i wonder who else see the same star as i am."
"you alone. is enough for me."

-cinderella sister
"i miss you. fyp"
"im surprised"
"fragile? once broken considered sold"
"a peace of mind when the burden already lifted"