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"suddenly my heart beating fast. dont tell me what it is."
"when people choose appearance over attitude. judgemental. but yeah appearance is top of the list before attitude. its a fact."
"the magical of wedding. tears of happiness"
"to like you that much. it is mean impossible. im killing this now before its turned out possible."
"congratulations :) , you're doing great!"
last night i dreamed about you. like inception. dream in dream. i dream you're dead. and realize i do have 'that'. when i wakeup from dream, im still in dream asking mama whats that sign. mama said, should back to where you belong. and wake up again. this is reality, im dreaming. why i feel it is real? people blamed me for your death. i should make sure what my real feeling is.
make sure this feeling is not because im single.
"actually i am not that upset. things happened. face the reality."
"its hard to understand creature named human. complicated but yet interesting"
"forgiveness is not a chore, its a gift" -esther

the vampire diaries, ep 14
"i dont bother to hear your words, because your words prove nothing."
"i know where im stand in the eyes of yours"
"talking to stranger. they dont know your past and your secret."
asked yourself whether the person before is happy with you or the other way round? why keep blaming people for everything that happened? dont you understand the word respect? when you love someone, you want them to be happy. even they are no longer beside you. or you just too selfish thinking about your own happiness. and left out others happiness. fair much? try put yourself in others shoes, dont be selfish. grow up.
"in between lie and not telling the truth. whats the different?"
"the human heart cant keep everything inside" - Du Fu

season of good rain, 2009
"parents dont outlived their children"

the vampire diaries, ep 13
i wish i could type all this things in your fb inbox, but i think about the consequences could lead to worse, so end up typing crapping words here. to my dear buddy, i am sorry for asking the weirdest question to you the night we were dinner together along with E and your friends. should be this thing is resolved between you two, because E cant help herself asking the question to you, so im become middle man asked those weirdest question even i actually knew everything all this years.
you might be shocked with those questions, but i couldnt help myself looking at E being restless with your questionable inquiry. im asking myself until now, why the hell im helping both of you? after the awkward night, i guess it becomes more awkward, might be not with you two, but you and me buddy. i feel like im being used for you to get close to E, without me you dont have any excuses to asked E out right with her taken status. what a fact.
aihh bitter. what a bad memory is this. because i feel indebted…
"its a great deal to keep a commitment"

great wall, my love (2011)