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"im in the state where i will not chasing anyone.   i stand here silently waiting for the love to bloom."
"in the situation where im try to sort out what is this feeling, just for tonight. will forgetting tomorrow."
"happy birthday, H"
"i love cheese"
"scandalizing and im enjoying my freedom as single person. dare to ask me about marriage let me bash you out till you lost  your words."
"im a dreamer and always be a dreamer. to be in love and giving up half way."
"im mad and its a big mistake by following me through twitter. i feel better if you said sorry. but you know what. get lost!"
"im satisfied just to see her smiling. i cant describe a feeling when i know i can make people happy."
"there's no one on Earth who cant do without another."

Ex, 2010
"happy birthday to thegirlwhoneversmile. wish you to have a blast with the loved one"
"i guess im longing for ...."
"im clearly know that im always the left out person. like leftover food. hurts but true. :)"
"congratulation long lost scandal. happy engage!"
"thank you for today :) " -17
people said forgetting the bad thing. what about the scar that caused by it. every scar have their own story. and tell me how to make the scar vanish?
"i act strong because im weak inside. i ignored because i cant bear any pain anymore. when im left out, im telling myself, im not alone. and i pray my years will full with happiness and erase the bad one."
"longing for someone you missed dearly."