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"they just human, forgive them for their weaknesses."
"i want to capture a moment, sweet like sugar."
"dont worry if im over you. im over you"

over you, 2012
"if you will disappear, why you appeared in the first place? i will not mind at all upon your existence. i am get used to the life where people come and gone. they never stay long for me to be missed when they vanished like dust."
"but today, i fine without you runaway this time without you. take back now, my life you're stealing"
straight jacket feeling,   2006
"i learned my lesson yesterday. stirred the emotions. what a waste time"
"i lie. i changed my mind in second. now i guess i like you less."
"i just cant resist you. damn it!"
first  "having a fear to fall in love when at the end all you get is hurt"
second "its about a friendship that's about to having more than just 'friends'"
"just to know i can be happy again, im start again from the first step. this time i'll make sure it is worth to risk the heart"
finally "have a faith"
"till i meet this pretty little missile that shot me out the sky sometimes love comes around,  just get back up when it knocks you down"

knock you down, ily
"perfectionist in seeking what i want. and now i leave."
"mama, just three things. thank you, i love you and i miss you"
"it is never wrong reminiscing the old memories. when that is one of the way that gives you a little peace of heart."

all i can say i am happy this time after burdening my heart with love's matter. this is the time where i am back to where i belong. :)
"when im like, they dont. when they like, i am not. say hi to DELETE."
"if happy ever after did exist i would still  holding you like this all those fairytales are full of sheet one more stupid love song i'll be sick"

payphone, 2012
"have i told you,  that you are my peaceful drug?"
"my heart is upsy daisy. you've made my day!"
"i like you. and i want this to be remained. for and ever."