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"they can say whatever they want. because they think they are right. because they think they understand. because they think they know what you feel. they just think the way they want it. most importantly, they never live your life. your life is your own, you own your life. people's talk, i already outgrown all that."
"i dont mind people forget about me.
when you walk away, just keep on walking and never come back.
thats what i hope"
"i scrolled down my old entries, i read every words i typed, the truth is i once loved so much but now its gone. amazingly, i am no longer feel the emptiness"
"what shall i give Husni as a her wedding gift? utensils? baby's clothes? toaster? i want to work so bad."
"the best ever gift for today is ayah's smiling. happy birthday mama. the one who i embrace with all might."
"it takes thousand reasons to hate, but none to love."
"how are you doing?"
"have you done your solah?"
"have you eaten?"
"when will you get back?"  -imy

the last time i heard his voice. today is the forth day. he is sleep and breathing through machine. whats more heartbroken, i cant see him yet. the only power left is pray.
thats all i have.

"its alright, i always here by your side. to protect you. but still cant avoid the heartbroken part"
"no wonder i feel restless yesterday. ayah, get well soon. T T"
"human mind is limitless, like space"
"i love to talk to the stranger. because i dont know their background,  and we're talking random stuff."
"i think i just lost. somewhere"
"eh, today is father's day? but i remember ayah's birthday more. since we're sharing the same month, the same zodiac. so yeah, i am stubborn just like him. ayah's girl. mama's best friend. :D"
"i am seriously want to avoid this feeling. i hate big space. i hate being alone. i hate to feel that i have no one to talk to."

"whats the different between the you now and the you a month ago? i dont get it at all.its like you have split identity."
"i cant wait to get my ass work. so that i can buy a proper camera. my hand is so itchy right now to capture thousands of pictures. to decorate my room with tons of pictures.owh my."
"geez, this might sound weird.  but yeah im in love with my blog now. KAhKAHKAH"
"i cant wait to see mama. my heart jumping hiphiphiphureyy. 2 more to go, touchdown and i home bebeh!"
"the it day will arrive soon. dupdapdupdap"
"the two important woman that i need to protect with all might  and a tough man that i need to defend from tears"
"i wont explain my action for the people who keep questioning every move i made"
"baby you, to you. just only you"
"i knew you sound cheerful because you dont want me to worry much. but your cheerful sounds actually breaking my heart into pieces. wait for awhile as i finishing all mess, you can rely on me."

ily <3
"after struggling back and ford. i guess this is the time i shall reward myself. a vacation."
"there's a time when i need one person, to tell me the right and the wrong things for every decision i made."
"what you feel when your unrequited love is begin to be requited after a long time?"

"if you are happy, im hundreds times happier for you"
"i like the idea in giving you something insignificant to the eyes of people, but to tell the world secretly that....
you're mine"
"i dont like the way you appeared suddenly when im least expected.hello and goodbye."
"sleepy babies"