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"i will love you more than that"
"28th July, happy birthday M!"
"i will, one day when the right time comes, i will."
"hilman owner of the missing rib"
"when you in relationship, but you feel alone, i guess something wrong happened. not normal"
"when silent becomes answer, when no reason becomes a reason, when other choices than you becomes a choice. love is not complicated. it is simple as the spell itself. it becomes complicated when it mixes with emotions which push away the love."
i need romance, 2012
happy ramadhan people! :D
"we will meet. someday"
"did you remember the first song i dedicated to you?"
you cant recalled. i know. you're so thoughtless.
"im in love with minwoo. gah such a cool guy!"
"let alone the past, you must be crazy for thinking i want you back.geez."
"i understand something. once you under the love spell, you've become someone else. in a good way, you are not yourself when you spend with soul mate. back with the people, you become normal as usual. i guess that's how the love works"
"i already missing them. 4 years and counting. hello October i waiting for you!"
"i crapped a lot in(?) June. July please be kind to me. memuahhhh"
xoxo, owner
"you show us your true colour now.
i dont see any colour other than black.
geez. its hard to put up your angelic mask i guess.
since your heart cant cope your lie anymore."