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being adult required very strong mentality.
being adult may tired you out.
being adult makes you differ the priority.
being adult left you with so many choices.
being adult give you a hard time to make a decision.

but whatever it is,
enjoy the present,
be grateful for whatever good that come,
grab all the opportunities,
happy is what we need.

live your life as like tomorrow will be the last day to live.

"the first step monday 9am."

"it appears to me at this very moment that the
plain puerile state of being human can be more
than histrionic and melodramatic enough for anyone;
you dont have to be trifling prescription buff,
or a monomaniac prick, or even an ennui
grieving poet to experience the pandemonium
and mobocracy in life"

"the simplest arithmetic is:
you just have to love someone"

TOSKA - rasyidah othman
bila hati yang sedia patah.
semakin hilang bentuknya.
apa yang ingin kau sampaikan Tuhan?
yes, i am. again. lost. this is what they called, failure.
it is too comfortable,
that i dont want to stop.
my heart telling me something i dont understand.
but i ignored because i am afraid.
what i have today, i want it stays as it is.
i dont want to put up higher than now.
afraid i might crash to the bottom.
to the pit of nowhere.
one word.
"raef najmi"

i've told you before aite, i have this syndrome. very weird syndrome called temporary feeling. i might like you today, tomorrow and the next 2 weeks. and when i lost interest, i just disappear. just like that. i know i could hurt someone with this syndrome. if they fell for me seriously. the consequences will lead to sadness. but who is me to stop those feeling, when i, myself can stop from liking someone. it is not easy to fall in and fall out of love. the only thing i can do better is liking people. God taken the chance for me to fall in love with someone. i take that positively. i know i am not ready. i dont need boyfriend. what i need is friend. a friend that could be  a husband,  a lover,  a boyfriend,  an enemy,  a best friend,  a stranger. its every woman dreams.
"im not really like to be the best,  but i wish to be the great." - jimy

"i have this one syndrome called, temporary feeling."
"adding a year, whats the difference?"
"if im back to you,   what will it be?"
"happy birthday to the strongest man. the man with less tears. the man who never showed how much he care, how much he loves. the man with high pride. "

with love, daughter.
Semalam saya mimpi tentang awak. Awak la, jangan tanya siapa. Saya kata awak. Ye, memang awak. takde orang lain.
Dalam mimpi semalam, saya dan awak umpama pasangan bahagia. Tapi, dalam mimpi semalam juga hati saya berkata, "Ini mimpi yang tak mungkin jadi kenyataan".
Orang kata kalau mimpi bahagia, realitinya berbeza. Tiada dalil sahih untuk kenyataan ini.
Saya tunggu 3 hari, kalau berturut-turut, mungkin ini yang Tuhan tentukan untuk saya. Kalau cuma semalam, tentunya mainan minda tanpa sedar.
Mimpi suka mainkan perasaan.
"this heart of mine is ugly. being accused, misinterpret, misunderstood. but still it is strong enough to endure the pain."

"why live in difficult way?"
"because life never been easy"
"what is your dream?"
"i have a lot of dreams, even you give me a lifetime, it wont be enough."
"tell me your dream"
"love, you can do everything with love."

"if you love me, dont miss me"

Hani menangis teresak-esak, dan aku diam membisu dengan persoalan dalam kepala, kenapa?

Hani nampak murung, tapi aku yang menonton tak mampu bertanya takut dikata menyibuk hal dewasa.


Persoalan aku untuk tahun 1993 terjawab.

Satu persatu sebab air mata mengalir.

Sakit, kebenaran tak pernahnya manis.

Lantaran rasa sakit aku lihat Hani sebagai idola, salah seorang super woman.



Rahsia hati yang bertahun lama dibiarkan bocor.

Benci, tapi hati masih tak menerima.

"i live with so many secrets surrounded which push me into the corner. i need help when no one even care."
"just remember your shy face, i have this silly smile showed up on my face,  i laugh to myself and asking why, God knows i already felled for you."
"rambut gerbang, mata sepet. i have crush on you."
"i wish i could be strong enough  to lift not one but both of us"