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"today i might like you,  tomorrow it will be another story and yesterday become history."
"only you can be the home i rest in"
"without you, my road is a crooked path"
"you're the strength that can block the wind for me"

cheesy, mushy. kind of like it.
"im okay. always okay after the parted.
actually i am better after goodbye.
and life just good."
"i miss you"
"i will wait for you to come back, the you who loves me."
"i wont get exhausted, i wont get anxious, i wont get impatient."
kang ma ru
"Life was messy.  Always had been and always would be
and that was just the way it was,
so why bother complaining?
you either did something about it or you didn't,
and then you lived with the choice you made."

the best of me, 2012