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"i cant promise you today,  but i can promise you a lifetime,  where i always be there, always have, always will,  for YOU."
"you are the melody  that humming through my lips, feel it in my heart, listened by my ears, locked in my mind"
"nothings happened without cause then the gift of suffering is to bring us closer to God,  to teach us to be strong when we are weak,  to be brave when we are afraid,  to be wise in the midst of confusion,  and to let go in which we can no longer hold."

bay ly, 1993 (heaven and earth)
" my head full of ideas. and its all about LOVE"
"when love comes,  open you heart as wide as you can.  let it warms your heart in the winter. cool you down in summer. flowery in autumn. fly you high in spring."
"every one did has their own past,  either it was ugly or not, who are we to judge that. if you dont like people judge you based on you past,  dont start it at the first place."
"i whisper to the wind - i miss you, hope it reaches you"
dear R,
if we are not meeting today, that might because Allah has a better plan for us. if we are destined to meet, how far we are apart, we will meet. face to face. and when that day come.  smile.
"i am smiling, because i have you!"
"and with you, it is all back to the basic."
"and i saw you today, smiling happily."
"here comes the unexpected. lets called him R"
you can like me adore me admire me praise me flirt with me but
above all that, just don't fall in love with me.
don't put your heart in a very dangerous state.