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"im sorry"
"thank you"
..............."good bye"
"there is no 100% pure love,  but never once people said it out loud,  thats because they still believe half of it and just live the life. this is what they mean being an adult."

han se kyung, 2013
good morning!
you. the first time i saw you, we were having a staring contest. i dont realise that i stared at you while smiling. and actually you smiling back at me. because i was caught smiling like maniac, its embarrassing. so i acted like nothing happened.
you. the second time i saw you, you on your bike. talked to my mom, while i played the games on my phone. you said, "anak makcik senyum je tengok phone". i just smiled because i actually heard what you said. i guess you assumed that i was texting my boyfriend when i am not.
you. the third time i saw you, it was yesterday. blue uniform with straight white teeth. you smiled and said, "hey, its superman"! when you on your bike and ready to back home, you shouted, "bye superman". and again, i just smile.
no one ever doing that in front of my mother. they always giving me a secret signal behind my mom's back.
monologue, "woh, thats brave".
"hold me tight to the future,  because i dont want you to be my past."
"It might be not special as you think it is,  but it does give me very special feeling,  that feeling is,  grateful"

to the dearest one, NURFARHANA ABDUL GHAFAR HAPPY BIRTHDAY! may you have a blast one, ily.
"until the day i die, i will love you.  always have, always will"
"i just simply happy with what i have right now."
i am not giving up yet,
i just take a precaution step,
for you who just enter my life,
i take a very big risk,
that one day,
i might be hurt again,
i just go through with it,
go with the flow,
i am hoping for the best,
but expect the worst,
as i am happy right now,
lets enjoy the moment.

"if i say dont go,  will you stay?"
"you tell me,  what is this feeling?  is it love? really?"
"hello 2013, i am waiting for surprises!"