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i am propose to you to be my one and only,

"i grow fonder everyday,  just thinking of your face,  i know it ain't easy giving up your heart,  trust me, ive learned it,  so forgive your past and simply be mine."

"i dare you to let me be your, your one and only,  im promise im worthy, to hold in your arms,  so come on and give me a chance,  to prove that im the one who can walk that mile,  until the end start."

adele, 2012
for everything that happened,
i am afraid of one thing,
one word,

i just cant leave the family.
i just cant adapt to any family.

i actually cant leave my own mother.
even if im married one day,
i still want to live with her.

i am in much love to her,
that sometimes i just want to drag her away,
away from misery,
come to heaven.

but still, i am much much more afraid about marriage,
where people will tell me to be apart from her.
i just hate the idea.


sorry but imy
"someone once told me that explaining is an assent of failure"

rasyidah othman,  2012
the wedding

the cousins

"it was a blessed day, happiness and lots of love"
"in that very own moment,  tears falling like tomorrow never exist"