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feel like just yesterday, i saw him.
like just yesterday, he was there, laying on his favourite sofa.
read his newspaper, watched out his pets. wore his favourite glasses.
and today, that space, where he always fill with his existence, looks empty.
while his gone, i pray that i will become more and more pious, improve to become better muslim, so that i could pray for his peaceful in other world.
may Allah granted my pray. 
iloveyou. always.
the day i asked you, the question that only both of us knew.
the answer i heard not synchronise with what my instinct had said about.


you are lying. it breaks my heart.
i just wanted you being honest.
its bitter, but i rather consumed all bitterness.

last night i was dreamed, that we both were together.
its surreal.

i cant imagine myself together with you any more.

this is all that lingered in my head.
not that i reminisced back the moments.
not that i am forgetting every thing.
i remember your kindness.

the day you chose me over someone.
i actually felt nothing.
i already gave up, and prepared to back off.
that day, i knew you fell for me.
hard enough.

that day was, exactly after one and a half year.
and i just laughing.

not here, in heaven then. 
either both, in Allah's wills,
i still can meet you.
you reflect me, 
i love that about you.
i'll make sure i love you hard enough, 
enough to knock you down.

there's always a fine line in every relationship.
it is a limitation for you to not cross the fine line.
because the consequences are severe.
 after a long run,
i just cant get you out of my head...
"liar, liar pants on fire,  i hope it burns you to death. "
"even Now, i still into you.."

2007 till present, paramore.
"you thought you're a poet, but you just an idiot."

gampangsolo, 2013

"when Sunday is  no more food festive day"