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dear money,

i am sorry that i need to spend you,
no matter how long i keep you in my bank.
the fact that i am careless, 
and making you sad for leaving your home (bank),
i am responsible for that.

you know right, i always love you. even you just blue (MYR 1).
im will missing you always.

i will work hard to earn you more.
keep you thick in my pocket and make you comfort in your home.
this is my words to you.

sincerely, yours truly. 
- 3-  muacks
have a great day with girlfriend. another place to be explored and hang out. simple décor and yet it is classy.
gua bangang takpe,
jangan lu bangang, gua yang bengang.
if i ever leave you, and you hurt because of that.
believe me, i love you more than you know.

just when my heart tell me, i had enough.
i need to leave.

because staying there will hurt you more,
when you hurt, i am breaking apart.

nothing could ever crashed my whole pride,
my whole heart,
when someone crying, begging for me to stay.

because i know my place,
and where i am belong,
you the one that i need to let go.

for the second time. it ends.
i pray, for the third time,
it stays for ever. always.

till jannah, and the person i want to live with.
could be...
lately ive been enjoying my life.
live to improve.
live to accept the things the way they are.
live to appreciate everything i have to the tiny bit.
live to being grateful for the kindness and worse things happened.
live to be optimist. always.
live to give a smile. as one good deed that no need money.

but it makes people smile too.
so you are making people doing a good deed everyday.

and i saw parents and their  kids.
i want my own kids too.

they are adorable creature.

maternal feeling. HAHA
setiap apa yang kita nak, tak akan dapat dengan mudah. mungkin perlukan pengorbanan.
nampak buruk. tapi.
Tuhan akan balas pengorbanan tersebut dengan sesuatu yang lebih baik. kejutan yang membuat kita tersenyum sendiri.
mungkin bukan sekarang waktunya. tiba waktu yang tepat, pelangi akan datang sendiri.
bersangka baiklah dengan Allah. sesungguhnya Allah maha mengetahui.
another inspiring drama and yet crushing my pride.
my whole pride.


give me another converted oguri shun.
then i will be the happy kid with candy.

that handsome gay guy,
its another nightmare.