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i dont want to get married.
i wonder how is your life right now?
happy with your collections?

i hope you happy.

you want to get rid of me,
or in easy way to say,
to make me hate you.


but, actually;
i am the one who wants to get rid of myself from your life.

it is not that hard.
in the split of second,
you just another past.

another memory i made.
another conversation i erased.
another name i deleted.
another person i ditched.
terima kasih Tuhan,
kurniakan aku seorang ibu yang memahami.

yang selalu ada untuk anak-anaknya,
yang selalu berkorban apa adanya,
yang selalu tersenyum,
yang bila mana dia tertawa, senang hatinya,
yang selalu sembunyi bila menangis,
yang selalu memaafkan anak-anaknya,
yang sentiasa memberi apa adanya,
yang sentiasa menyayangi sepenuh hati.

Tuhan, aku mohon rahmat dan redhaMu,
untuk satu-satunya ibuku.

selamat hari lahir, mama.
semoga Allah merahmati ulang tahun mama hari ini.


hidup ini rawak dan tak terjangka.
tidak terjangka itu adalah kebenaran yang sentiasa mencarik hati.

hati yang nipis seperti tisu.
maka, bermulalah episod menjahanamkan hati.

untuk menambah rasa hati yang jahanam,
imaginasi membunuh diulangtayang.

you reap what you sow.

selamat menjahanamkan hati dan
merabakkan jiwa dengan gembira.
it's still ringing.
it's still tears me down.
it's still hurt deep inside.
it's still killing my mood.
it's still lingered in my head.

those hurtful memories.
i wish i can have the power of delete. 

lesson. i had learnt. already learned.
L for loser
L for lost


lost for words.
lost for love.
lost for feeling loser.

i end up deleting every one who is useless.
i am not interested with.
or neither bring any benefit.

should i leave a few people in my phone?
i meant the only people who actually matter.
untuk kali terakhir,
kebaikan untuk kau.

sila pergi jahanam,
may you rotted in hell.
when giving a chance,
it is mean that im risking everything.

especially, heart.
either good or bad,
have a little faith.

vacancy: lifetime partner


muslimstable in careercutethose who interested can email me through this:

 i just want to tell the world.
i surely am fall in love with one ok rock.

taka morita. damn.
you know, i have one precious thing.
i carry like always, every where i go.

this one precious thing that help me.
help me blocking my ears.
help me put away my stress.
help me wipe away my tears.
help me reminisced my memory.

but what i want is.
to thank to the person.
who gave me this precious thing.
you are anyway,
a big helper.

mucho gracias.
you are.
my partner in crime.
lets be psycho together.

you failed with flying colours.

upset. - -"
i hold up a secret. or should i say so many secrets?
its countless and some of them, i already forgot.

my memory about a good guy has been tainted,
years ago.

and one day i met someone who already taken.
that day was a fine day, and that day was my first time.

at first i felt, the meeting will be awkward.
then, it did went smooth. 
like old friend.

but the guilty inside me, remind me.
my mother's face haunted me.
how upset she will be.

i should say thank you for the meeting.
that was the first and the last.

i am thinking more about the partner,
rather than the man itself.

that is why i said, 
my memory about a good guy,
has been tainted.

i am mostly being grateful to God,
because He hold my heart from doing bad deed.

thank you Allah.
i am in the mess of being envious towards
tachibana mei and kurosawa yamato.
characters in sukitte ii na yo. T T