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it will be raining,
mom will be sad again.

rain always related to Allah's bless,
dont be sad mama,
Allah always with us,
with many of us.
i am afraid of so many things.
but what i fear the most is, 
when i cry,
i cry alone.



happy birthday first EXperience.
happy 24th to izzat azmeer.


z and z.
the same feeling and a little bit changed.

i still controlling,

but my head,
just fill with the thought of you.


its 2:28 am, i cant sleep. been consumed neslo a few hours ago. i am listening to wherever you are by one ok rock. helplessly hoping that i can dedicate this song to a person. 

i love to dedicate song to someone i closed with. someone i care. i dont know how to put my feeling into words. the only thing i can do is speak it out through a song. 

even though the song might sound ugly to someone, please go through the lyrics thoroughly. part of my heart is there. waiting to be known.

we meet, 
we love,
we hurt,
we breakaway,
then the cycle goes on and on.

we actually dont realise, that at this time, someone waiting their soulmate. someone heart beating waiting for the other part to beat the same rhythm. 

dont you know, the heart shape came from the combination of two hearts? ah, ive been swept away by my feeling again. 


kaya tak semestinya bahagia,
miskin tak semestinya derita.

kalau setiap pemberian Tuhan,
rasa cukupnya,
tidak kira kaya atau miskin,
sudah pastinya bahagia itu menjelma.



define love.
love is too general.
too wide to define.

i dont have enough words for that.

love is having a faith.
even it is impossible.