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hi I hate my new job. I hate the people in there. I hate the situation. I hate everything about my new job.I hate the person who made me begged for my own money. I hate that big-body-with-tiny-brain moron.I hate the I-know-everything-with-bloated-stomach guy. everyday I pray that these two moron will disappear for ever. or I just switch another job. I had enough stress not from the work also from the people. too much drama to consume. please Allah, grant me a very great patience, a heart that always seeking for your bless, a mind that can endure the obstacle and a health that can keep making good deeds.
jangan samakan pangkat kau dengan syaitan bila mana Tuhan yang satu itu pun kau tak mampu sujud. sejahat-jahat syaitan masih lagi bersujud pada Tuhan yang satu walaupun sudah diketahui akhirannya di neraka.
I see you as a lesson to not and never leave Allah in everything I do. you might said Allah give you an easy way to make a living, to earn money, but you are forget something. each time you made a lot of money, it will never enough. that is what im scared of. may Allah bless all muslim, all around the world.
sometimes broken heart made you retard.either in good way or bad way,
its yourself to your eyes, you only want the pain to go away.but to others, you just a soul that lost the way.
may today Allah put me in His bless.
may today gives me the happiest memory.may Allah ease my worries, grant me my prayer, so that I feel rich. I may not rich in terms of money, but I rich with prayer. happy birthday hidayah, 24 and counting. :)
I24years. what did I do?
what happened?
what else changed?
what did I achieved?what I knew,
I have no luck with man,
no luck with love,
not even luck in relationship.if I die the day I borned,
please let me die in iman,
let me die in peace,
let me die in a good way,
let me die in syahadah.that is all I wish for.
ayah's birthday today. the 53rd birthday.setiap tahun pun akan sambut bersama sebab kami lahir bulan yang sama hari yang berbeza. selalunya. tahun ni sambut seorang diri. my heart been beaten. shattered again. pick up those pieces, stand still and held my head up. how many times people beating my heart, I wont fall, I get used to it till I dont feel anymore pain. to those people who come and gone, please just gone forever. please go and die.
I think I am not in my best condition. I easily feel tired, strain my back, lightheaded, stomach cramped and my heart pounding really fast.I told rumet about this. just a feel to share not to make her worried. in case one day I dont have time to tell. at least I have tell that much.
waiting. I really hate waiting but still I am the one who done that. waiting for someone just because I dont want anyone knows the pain in waiting.your head is counting the time. you feel time flies so fast that it biting your patience bit by bit. you blaming yourself just because you dont want to blame the one who makes you wait. anger built up. stirring the pain that already there. patience. asking yourself it will worth the wait.time ticking far will you wait until you telling yourself, this is it. lets giving up.but still, you wait with the hope they will come.
saturday and half day working. boleh tak kalau menulis secara bebas. gonna restrain my perfectionism. baru belajar hidup dengan duit sendiri. manage my own money. it is a hard task since I have a lot of things to buy. laptop rosak sebab skrin pecah. so using this phone to update everything. give me a partner. normal outside but broken inside like me. so we can psycho together. lolearn money really not easy. I almost giving up halfway. I always giving up halfway, so never know what is the end of something. hanging like that. soul-less.for family I give my all so I wont and never give up halfway.