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I wish I could be important to someone. but what I see now, the possibility is none.
dont go to the past to change your future.people are entangled since their borned, the one that actually determined either you destined or not with those people is the choices you made. you decided.because life is all about choices. that is how your future created.
saya mimpi ayah pulang ke rumah subuh tadi. terasa seakan benar ayah pulang ke rumah. dengan baju pagoda putih bersama kain pelikat kegemarannya. alhamdulillah. seakan ayah tenang disana. wajahnya bersih dan untuk pertama kalinya, mimpi ayah, terlihat akan wajahnya. too vivid, too surreal. imy.
when will my hero come?take my hand,
and escape from this misery,because I am here waiting. still.
ayah. imissyouif you are here today,
will you smile happily?it is good you already far away.
you will be sad if you are here today.I wish things would be different but...
I remember the day I was in kindergarten.  I was so excited to go to school. been scolded by the teacher just because I dont know the number after 10. not only been scolded also been hit on the head by book. I was cried. I know the alphabet but I dont know how to read. I sat beside my grandpa took a book and keep looked at pictures page by page. my grandpa asked, " did you know how to read, to spell the word?"I said "no, I dont know but I know the alphabet." thanks to my grandpa,  he taught me to read and to love books. he is one of the greatest people in my life. indeed.
I wonder if there is anyone actually reading my nonsense.

stranger I mean. the one who not in my circle.

should I ask them to say hi in the comment's space?