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dalam kau berkata keaiban orang lain,
secara tak langsung kau buka aib kau sendiri. pertonton pada orang lain,
sikit demi sikit.
"when will you get married?"

you know, this is the hardest question ever when you reach my age.
and annoying yet irritating question people like to ask.

if i know when i will get married, i will plan everything when mama delivered me to this world.
so when i grow up, i already knew the answer, and give the answer straight to your face.

this question is Allah's secret you know.
how can i dig into Allah's secret.
the only thing i can do is to ask the hint.

but i am nowhere near to the hint at all.
you think married life is easy?
- -"
i am busy working. i have no time and idea to update this space anymore.
anyway i just come across someone left a comment in one of my posts.

hello nazrey!

i hope its not too late to say hello to you.
i thought no one read the nonsense i typed.
yea. dark and retard.
like bonnie and clyde. as we run holding our hands.
like today is the last day.
last day to breath. say it now.
now. as I will go to eternity with you.
as soul intertwined to death.
as bird singing in harmonies.  my eyes will always look at you.
my heart will always has you.
my hand will always search for you.
my mind will always think about you.
my feet will always run to you.
now. I am thinking, I should not bothered my bestfriend, because she has a life to live. might be this is the time for me to seek for a partner. but, my "partner" also has a life to live. then what am I? I dont have a life to live?gosh. so complicated. at least as a partner, they have a time to focus on you. you, just you. aihh. this is mean, I really need a life partner. a real one. to seek for one is hard.
to wait for one is impatient.
to meet for one is impossible. all need a will from Allah swt.
im 18.
and for ever 18. yes.
it was years before.