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mimpi indah :) *senyum lebaq sampai telinga*
jejaka idaman setiap masa dan ketika serta selamanye. *drum roll*lee soo hyuk. aha. random. rawak. rabak.
when I sum up the time I spent at vmc, what did I got is; "the power of right words and right tone could give such a big impact to someone."I am grateful I learnt such a precious thing.
I feel blessed. this is what they said being mother is wonderful. looking at the baby sleeping in your arms is amazing. those tiny face, peaceful breath, tiny arms and feet. gosh. I would like to have my own baby. I love my niece.
sometimes I wonder,
can I just accept everything without calculating with my head. should I just do what my heart want to,
or just ignore as what my head tell me so?