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i will be starting my new job next monday. excited? yes i am. its another new world for me. how about the salary? hmmm, very little but at least it is my hard earn. :)
some people might viewed me as high school student or just graduated from high school. you've got me wrong. i am not. when every one in my age building their career, save up some money, planning for marriage, raising kids, collect some assets, and having their own trip and holiday any time they want.
i am just here. 
build my own life, living and enjoying every moment. i dont know why the hell should i follow all the flow, when each of the flows never bring me a luck but a mess.
i am being very careful in exposing my personal. it can be a threat. delusional much? i inherited mom's paranoia. lol
will be having family trip this tomorrow. yayy. great escape. 
happy labour day people. may your day full of happiness, great news and blessing from Allah. Allah is ar-rahman and ar-rahim being fair to all His creatures.
come and lets talk about first love.
how was your first love? is it ended as lifetime partner, or broken halfway through heaven? ah, might be meet up in jannah or still in the phase dating and facing the future together?
mine? you might think my first love is fluffy like cotton candy, sweet like marsh mellow dips in caramel, warm like hot chocolate before falling asleep? geez. far from that. 
what can i reminisced about my first love?   giving is better than receiving. you give whatever that you have to the one you loved. it is what makes you happy in hoping that the loved one will be happy to receive the things that left on you.
with the word "thank you" can makes you smile the whole day, your eyes sparkle and lively. the song of happiness ringing like it will never end. when you think back that time, your heart pounded hard recognized the feeling.
it was a happy feeling.
you just dont know when it starts. when you involved, you cannot resist the urge thinking about the pe…
I went for interviewed session. they asked why can not I migrate to somewhere out of johor? because I choose to live with mama. while everyone just busy with their life, I am death worried mama will be alone. and im running out of time. I feel like my time been cut short. ive been thinking a lot and I feel like my head will burst, exploded any time. gahh.if im not get any job, I would like to take mama delicacies. I dont know why I have such confident to cook. lolbut practice makes perfect.
"dont stop learning because life itself is a learning process."

because im bored

is there a boy/girl in your life? yes, before.think of the last person who hurt you; do you forgive them? yes, for peaceful heart.what do you think of when you hear the word "meow"? cat.what's something you really want right now? food.are you afraid of falling in love? nodo you like the beach? definitely yeshave you ever slept on a couch with someone else? sisterwhat's the background of your cell? british flagname the last four beds you were sat on? my, my, my, my you like your phone? yes but i adore ip6honestly, are things going the way you planned? no, messed upwho was the last person whose phone number you added to your contacts? auntiewould you rather have a poodle or a rottweiler? poodle!!which hurts the most, physical or emotional pain? emotional.would you rather visit a zoo or an art museum? both, can?are you tired? my eyes, yes. how long have you known your 1st contact? 25 years and counting.are they a relative? motherwould you ever consider getting ba…
im broke. pretty broke but still I enjoy it.
every second of it. I dont have time for relationship.
people come and go everyday. I am here thinking what shall I done for life.for mom.
you are not alone. Allah always listen to you. Allah always listen to you and grant your wish by send you someone to love you. to take care of you. to listen. to be with you through thick and thin. appreciate whomever come and stay. that is because Allah loves you, He sends you his love through something you not expected.