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whats left of me is only time.
when I spent it on you, dont be sorry.
because it is the only precious thing I have to be spent on. it is not something regrettable but the most memorable.
I will cherish whats left till the end of the journey. you fill up me. :)
I thought im not that upset. but when I woke up this morning I still feel the ache. damn. I will be ok.

no words can describe whatever i feel for you. at times like this i have mixed feeling, worried sick, and i love you too much sometimes it hurts me. but, that never stop me to value your existence for the entire of my life and you know, i owe you that much.

happy mother's day,
happy birthday in advance.

devastated. those words slightly cut me to the core of my heart. bleeding. what I want is just a simple thank you. I already feel loser, when you said that, I really think I dont deserve someone. I should stay alone.