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when you trying to protect the loved one, you put such mean and harsh words to them. hurt them to the core so that they will hate you. that is the price to protect the one you love with whole heart.

both suffered. wasted time. actually, it wont solve the matter at all.

what worst, you regretting every thing. it takes two to tango. tell your partner what actually happened other than to act as hero to save them. it wont make them feel better.

being old, made you learnt your lesson. keep making mistakes while growing up. try and error. dont hurt yourself by act like a hero. dont waste your time on tears whilst you can be happy with the time you wasted crying for nothing.

when you value yourself, you value people who stay.
"kalau setiap kali nak memberi kau berkira,  cuba bayangkan kalau Tuhan berkira dengan setiap pemberian-Nya."
"boleh hidup?"
lately, i wonder if my existence is only a pit stop for most of people. good thing, i can listen to different stories with different people. bad thing, after they voiced out every thing they tend to walk away as my existence unneeded any more.


never mind. even a pit stop, if i can help people release their inner side, i am happy. happy to help. it is the only thing i can help by listening.

"who will listen to you then?"

no worries, ive been talking to Allah since i was kid. alone. He always listen and create unexpected event that i couldnt count through out the years ive been live so far. all the laughs, smiles and tears that build me the way i am today. strong.

even the world try to bend me over, crumble every piece of heart i have, i still believe, this dunya is only temporary. the one i dont desire much.

grant me my prayer to live happily with my family in hereafter.

"please, let my star rise at your night"

chanhyuk, akmu 2014
terhempas dan berkecai entah kali ke berapa, dah tak mampu untuk aku bilang. untuk kesekian kali aku letak sedikit harapan, mengharap pada yang sudi membagi, yang berjanji dengan perkataan. sedikit sungguh harapan, takut jika diletak setinggi langit; bakal terbenam ke bumi.
hancur tak berupa.
untuk entah ke berapa kali aku simpati dengan diri sendiri. sudah aku ulang berkali-kali, "kuatlah hati, kuatlah hati". tapi dipinggir lagi. tangisan sendiri macam lagu tak ada melodi. sumbang hingga jadi lullaby mimpi ngeri.
seteguh kaki berdiri di bumi sementara, aku langkah sedepa. harga diri perlu dijaga kerna aku bukan pengemis masa. masa yang pada aku tak berharga untuk aku lelong pada yang tak sudi. 
pergilah dari menanti. akan tiba suatu hari, cinta datang tanpa dicari, jiwa kosong bakal diisi, kilauan cahaya tersarung dijari dan rindu datang meniti hari-hari yang pasti.
pergi dan jangan kembali.
"you have everything and the pride of yours,
 whilst i have nothing but freedom,
one day when you lost everything, you have nothing but your pride,
and guess what?"

"i have nothing to lose because i have my freedom".
"i hope your pride will let you survived".

"relationship is like you betting your heart,  and gamble your life".

" i am someone you can ignored easily,  indirectly you tell me who am i to you,  and how my existence wont budge you that much".
i've gone through all my old posts. i love to quote any thing from movies, books, comics and my own words that i learnt while enjoying those things.

sebenarnya banyak berangan. hormonal and emotional. mudah sungguh dibuai perasaan. semua benda pun nampak deep. fe-feeling literature. kononnya. tapi sirius, bacala toska dari rasyidah othman. tuhan, seronok tak terhingga. itu pun kalau kau jenis suka fe-feeling deep macam aku la kan.

sebenarnya, kepala otak ni dah mendap banyak sangat fikir, banyak sangat simpan. slow poke rasa. nampak orang backpacker, cemburu meluap-luap. nak sangat travel, mengembara with low budget. tak kahwin pun takpe. asal boleh merantau.

andainya ada manusia yang nak bersama aku ber-backpacker, boleh melompat kegirangan la weh. travel, enjoy, learn, happy and create memories.

masalahnya, manusia sekarang semua gila kerja nak kaya. kerjakan ibadah, tapi kalau dah gila kerja; sampai takde masa diluangkan untuk keluarga. tak rasa ke orang macam ni lonely. lifel…
whats the point jump into relationship when you dont even have a minute to ask your spouse well being. dreaming to build up a family? i guess you should think 20 million times or better dont even dream about it.
any relationship should be two ways, gives and takes; even some need to be sacrificed. time and money especially. but mostly time. time. time. time. why?
work will never ever finish until the day you say goodbye to the world. while people, they have limited life time, in any second; if Allah wills, you die. every second of it must be appreciated, make more and more memories.
you spent all the time which will never return, you cannot go back to the year you learn to walk, you had first crush during high school. all are past memories. you can reminisce back, but it will never be the same if you do the same thing like the past. 
did i made any point here? i was feel like im rambling shit.
conclusion, time and people they are closely related. when you have no time, no people. you…