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"I am tired being strong, but I have no choice but being one.
       that is the only thing I am good at"
"love is coincidences you created by yourself and you called it fate."
"when the fairy tale over, the reality take over."
"we're done and we had enough"
i was remembered the day you said that you will never smile at your workplace. i asked the reason for you to be like that. 
"in workplace you need to be serious so that people wont make fun of you, respect you and do the job correctly and seriously." - you
"but even though you ought to be serious in your workplace it is ridiculous that you cant even smile to your colleague." - me
"if i smile, people will step on me." - you
"you are paranoia." - me
how the heck you are thinking when you smile to people you are giving them a chance to step on you? you are one of wounded souls. did someone wounded you that bad until you said like that? if you are in front of me, i will hold you, hug you so tightly and protect you from getting hurt.
i never knew the power of smile could give such paranoia theory to you when i think smile can heal a wounded soul like me. i agree a workplace is a place you need and must be serious but, wont that just stress you out? …
i went for interview today. while being thrown with questions, i was forgetting something.
what i have been forget is i am not...

brush my teeth since morning.

confidently flashing smile and talk with my head up. laughing with myself. i hope the smell not reach them. teheee.
"i wonder what will it be like when we are together, because right now i feel like heaven."
what is it feel like to be attached with someone way older than you? complicated.
"....i miss you...."
"pain demand to be felt"

the imperial affliction, 2014