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malam bakal mengangkat tabir,
beri laluan pada sang mentari memancar,
sementara punya masa,
mimpilah yang indah-indah.
love is in the air,
all I do is breath all in,
share with you through your lips into your lungs,
and warm your heart. I heart you.
now, tomorrow and always.
your eyes are always mesmerizing, like the stars that light up my nights, and here i am keep staring, to listen the story you tell, the secrets within those reflection, that no one knows about.

and the trust that you give, will i embrace till i die.
when we meet in heaven, we are the soul mate intertwine for a lifetime.
"there's still a way and when you thinking too much will put you on the road to failure."

hanako to anne, 2014
"...happy birthday MYMF,  may Allah showers you with all happiness in the world and His blessing today and days after"

"alhamdulillah, the best ever gift.  work harder, better than before."
"...25th and happy"
yesterday was a test to see what i feel all these time. all those dreams that i dream. i can directly look you in the eyes, we talked random things, we shared the drinks, and weirdly we think the same thing. what i feel is we are way too comfort with each other and i am glad we are no one to each other. we should just stay like this.

today, i retreat and i shall leave you like before. you are playing a dangerous game which i have no intend to involve. lets leave yesterday as it is, the moments and the memories.
" kalau dia untuk ku dekatkanlah,  kalau dia bukan untuk ku jauhkanlah."

"tiup rindu ke langit, biar bercambah menjadi awan.  bila sarat, akan turun hujan yang kau panggil rahmat. ketahuilah, dalam rahmat itu, terselit rindu yang aku titipkan."
"angin tolong terbangkan rindu yang sarat, biar ringan beban dijiwa. biar terasa, nampak tak ada. biar mendamaikan, agar dia bermimpi yang indah saja. biar dia tertanya, arah mana angin bertiup. dan aku sembunyi dibalik awan merenung bulan. sambil berharap dia merenung bulan yang sama disebaliknya. waktu yang sama, hari yang sama."
*helah nafas*


Twin Forks - Cross My Mind

always be my favourite. enjoy while it lasts. happy sunday, and i still miss you. bad but i am happy.

"...and my goal is to fight my own self because i know somewhere in me is capable to do something great."
"human talents are infinite."
alahai, sesungguhnya cinta tiga segi ni mengundang kesedihan. lawak memang lawak, tapi kau boleh nampak kecederaan hati yang ketara. aku di sini mendoakan untuk orang di sana agar Tuhan kurnia sebanyak mana kegembiraan buat kau untuk hari ini, dan hari-hari seterusnya.
tiba-tiba aku diundang ke ipoh dan juga singapura untuk satu tujuan yang sama. you called it good company. kedua-duanya orang yang tidak aku jangka. ke ipoh untuk event dan singapura untuk berdansa di atas ais. ice skating. dua tempat berbeza dengan tujuan yang berbeza.

jadi yang mana aku pilih? masih belum aku putuskan ke mana. i am in tight budget and i dont want to think much about it.

good night, strangers wherever you are.
"when the sky to dark for you to see,  i'll be there to light up your sky and guide your heart."