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mentally exhausted, emotionally wounded, physically ache and those just life.
circling your body, mind and soul. hey! ups and down what makes you normal.
or discreetly i said human? finding my own happiness is like finding a treasure,
where you definitely know it aint goes easy like ABC.

but you obviously know, simple thing could make your day.
usually i go for sugar. its my own version of heaven.
never goes wrong with sugar. it sweets and you feel happy.
salam maal hijrah 1436. new book, new page, scribble all year. more deeds, more events, more loves.
no one knows a mother heart until someone be one. i may live in poverty, mom still give me allowance everyday. i keep it for emergency, might be someday mom needs money or i, myself to cover a rainy day.
i never envy about others life, since i am comfort to live mine as it is. i enjoyed my work now even though the pays cant even feed my mom but me. i believe, if i can get through this one hard thing, Allah will grant my other prayer. being patience is not an easy task. because along the way to become one; there are too many obstacles to get through until one point you are about to give up. put aside negativity. Allah always with people who is patience.

sesungguhnya Tuhan tidak akan menguji hambanya dengan sesuatu yang hambanya tidak mampu. i know i can get through this, i really want to know what happen next and that is why i stay at this path. nothing is free and easy in this world.
happy weekend!
when you in the loo, so much things that crossed in your head. i have been inspired while finishing my business in the loo.

i have something keep popping in my head. i shall explain my actions even though it is a very rare occasion for me to do that.

this explanation is for someone i had broke up with 3 years ago. let me named him as Haytche.

dear haytche,

you must be wondering why did i text you 2 years ago on eid. your interpretation for my action that-i-got-bored-and-lonely-i-have-no-one-to-text is totally wrong. the day i text-ed you was because i would like to tell you that we are in good terms and i have no intention to be in relationship back with you nor to be your friend.

i actually think that we are better this way, like now. it should be this way when the first time you approached me. somehow we ended up in relationship and until now my mom still fancied you. to make her happy, i text you back so that she knows that you and i are in a good term. also to make you know i don…
i always have unreal crush on you.

"even though we are apart, separated by distance,  i am still happy because we are looking at the same sky and breathe the same air."
Fuji Mina, 2013

"....fancied the same moon and mesmerized by the same stars. I wish, the dream you have, there is me in it."
your guardian angel.

repeat like million times.
but i forget my wings broken and i cant fly any more.