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"i might be so in loved with you that i scribbled your name every where."
"i can stare your smiling face for ever, because thats the best ever view i will never get bored of."
"indirectly you made me smile too."
its been few days i have not write anything. when sudden ideas rushing through mind and disappeared to nowhere. i might scribbled it somewhere then i forgot where did i again.

funny, i keep forgetting.
selamat hari lahir kekasih lama yang gelap dan kelam.

hampir sepuluh tahun kisah lama terkubur bersama memori yang tidak seberapa. cebis-cebisan yang tinggal hanya terlintas tatkala hati terdetik rasa dejavu.

waktu itu rasa yang ada adalah rasa yang paling indah dalam dunia. bagai terangkat kaki terbang ke langit biru. senyum seorang macam pesakit jiwa. menggelitis bagai ulat sampah dengan rasa suka membuak. gah. cheesy, it made me cringe.

i fell head over heels. it was the best ever feeling and its unfortunate i wont be felt that way anymore. it is like the heart has been contaminated to have the same feeling ever again.

may Allah ease your worries, smooth your plan and finish it up with you married to someone you plan to be married with. i have made the best decision ever to let you go.

not just you, but every one.

in 10 years i still remember your birthday when everything about you have been erased completely.

hardship makes you wise.