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30th March 2016, Wednesday

He is back, my heart said.
but his insincerity is killing me.

I wish he dont even come back when i already erased him completely.
I forgive him for asking my hand to be with him in the future,
with that insincerity he showed to me.

Because i understand his situation.
I understand his reason from his perspective.

I really dont want to cry,
but this heart of mine cant avoid the sorrow.

I rather swallow all those bitter truth
rather than addicted to sweet lie.

Lets keep this secret.
I wish someone could hug me.
Tell me, its okay to break apart again.
For the last time.

Kill me now.
17th march 2016, thurs

that night when you hold my hand,
your warm electrifying my heart.

your warmth still linger,
your smell still fragrant.

that kiss we shared,
it was like we will apart tomorrow.

never know that your presence gives me flutter.
never know that your hug could chase away the cold heart.
never know that your name hanging on my lips.
never know that your smile is the best gift everyday.
never know that your laugh could define what happiness is.

and here i was asking myself,
what did i do for you to be here with me,
now, today and will it be for ever?

mine. you.