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21st April 2016, Thursday.

listening to Day6 letting go.
my kind of jamming these days.

"i've been holding on to you for so long,
now i must let you go, there is nothing i can do."

but i really love the lyrics.
so related.

for all dear memories,
good times,
good days,
good talk,
and all the fights.
i am. letting. you. go.

for my own good.


we had a good talk while gathering at mak ngah's house.
suddenly we jumped into serious topic -- marriage.
mom said that i was afraid of marriage.

shocked? yes.
i dont know where did she know about it.
but its a relief that she knows i am so not into marriage life.

jumping into relationship bandwagon is so not my thing.
to trust, to love, to commit,
i believe i am not born to feel all that.

may be, just maybe.
someday or hereafter.

i cant describe what i feel.
i just happy for everyone.
11th April 2016, Monday

Is being married means everything?
I've been surrounded by broken relationship.
One of it is my parents.

The advice regards on marriage is flying everywhere.

"you need someone to accompany you while you aging." - anonymous

I am not that desperate to get married.
For now, it is not priority.
Talking about someone to take care of me, making me puzzled.

Allah is always taking care of me.
Nothing perfect.
But the perfection is found in the broken soul.

How you define perfect?
You may ask yourself.

The answer is you.
3rd April 2016, Sunday.

you are the feast of my eyes.
i like to savor you slowly,
like marshmallow hot chocolate.

warm, sweet and satisfying.
2nd April 2016, Saturday

isnt it depressed you read back your own entree?
this is the way of happiness.

letting all bad energy and bad vibe,
things that frustrated you in your mind and heart.
lift up some burden.

i want to love myself more.
bury all the past,
dont let me dwell with it anymore.

i might not lucky enough finding the possible right man.
its better to prove myself more.
love myself more.
appreciate myself more.

he will come.
i believe i always in Allah's care.
He keeps making me feel secure.
protect me from having heartache, wasting my energy and time.

have more faith, Hidayah.
live up to your name, the guidance's light.