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25th June 2016, Saturday

it was mama's 59th birthday yesterday. i wished before im off to work.
for today's break the fast, i do the cooking.
simple dishes for myself i cooked chicken butter,
whilst mama having kuew teow ladna.

just both of us.

pray that Allah bless mama with good health.
ily, get well soon.
21st June 2016, Tuesday

its a month where a father is celebrated.
im unable to wish him, afraid my tears leak out and betrayed my calmness.
deep inside i just pray a very long prayer in hoping that prayer will reach him.

i missed to have 30 to 60 seconds of phone call with him,
or having my phone ringing with his name on my screen,
or calling him to send me his prayer that i will do good on something i work on,
or having him telling us our childhood story over a meal,
or having a conversation over ketupat/lepat session.

it will be eid soon.
i will be meeting him in a place where he having such a long sleep.

imy, happy father's month ayah.
rest well, sleep well.
may we meet in a place called jannah.