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19th February 2017, Sunday

Baru selesai menonton Tomorrow With You Episod 6. Lee Je Hoon antara sebab aku menonton drama ini. Jelas arah aliran drama korea ini tentang takdir, masa hadapan dan masa kini. Bagaimana mengelakkan kematian yang pasti. They called it as time traveler. Konsep mengubah takdir dengan berulang-alik dari masa sekarang ke masa hadapan.

When he started to help Ma Rin, So Joon already changed his future. He becomes depended on the fact from the future that he keeps neglected his present, Ma Rin.

The lesson i learnt is we need to appreciate the present, so that we aren't regretting in the future. Future is uncertain even we are confidence about it. Death is something you can't avoid no matter how many times you try to escape from it.

Why bother to live in temporary dunya, when Allah has promised you jannah to live forever in hereafter?
13th Feb 2017, Monday

"it's love, but it coated with sadness. Indeed true love is not about feeling all the time, but actions what matters the most. the act of love stronger than feeling only."