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"Only dust comes out after brushing dirty clothes. A scar will be left even though the wound heals up."

block B, 2012
"if i love someone,  do i have to have them?" - park joon ha
i had fun. i love my job. shit happened, but its ok. i am strong enough to face it.
at one point,
im break,
and i miss again.
this one heart,
crying inside.
"some says you're lucky  when nothing shatters." - Rasyidah Othman
happy and love
it is not easy to find someone,
who will be with you through
the best and the worse part.
and you know what,
gay friend,
"lucky day! 243"
im repeating the same thing. keep repeat. repeat  repeat repeat repeat repeat . . . . . . . and  repeat the same thing. full stop. bye!